Scent Pod Warmers

I have loved burning candles for many years. Sometimes in the warmers months I don't want the extra heat a candle gives off, but I still want the wonderful scents they fill my home with.  Recently I purchased a pod warmer from Scentsy and liked it. Then I became a seller of Gold Canyon Candles products and started using their pod warmers. Wow what a difference. Unlike candles I don't have to find a lighter and don't have to worry about whether I blew it out before I went to bed. Unlike Scentsy there was no mess and it was easy to change scents because the wax is contained in it's own case. Gold Canyon Pod Warmers also come with a timer that you can set and it will turn itself off! I am in love!!! This page is dedicated to pod warmers so that I can share this wonderful product with the world!

Elliptical Vase Scent Pod® Warmer

Moda Vase Scent Pod® Warmer

Charcoal Damask Scent Pod® Warmer

Gray Footed Square Scent Pod® Warmer

Vintage Lace

Cream Genie Scent Pod® Warmer

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